Plovdiv – Culture and Adventure

Plovdiv is a millenary city. In fact, if a certain scientist wants to illustrate how human civilization has been developing – the way cultural layers have been deposited can be seen in the city under the hills, even without having to dig. However, let’s leave this surprise to the real seekers of urban treasures – for the people, who want to find different cultural tips – we have a whole list with Plovdiv top offers.

The city’s visitors can enjoy cultural tourism with significance and abundance that can overshadow almost any other offer for having a good time in Plovdiv. People, however, have different interests and visiting archaeological sites, attending a concert in the Roman Theatre, and visiting the Old Town, etc. are not sufficient for some people. That is why they start looking for alternatives in different directions.

The city can actually be just a point of departure for amazing adventures in the whole region. There are many convenient places to stay in Plovdiv – hotels of all types, including budget hotels, and everything else that a traditional tourist, expecting to receive a high quality of service, might want and need. There are, however, other types of tourists – adventure-seekers, who want to leave everything to chance and want to soak up the urban spirit without many conditions. Every visitor and friend of the city – tourist or adventurers, everyone must receive the Plovdiv top offers.

Plovdiv’s cultural history has developed such a rich and plentiful contemporary environment that nothing ever seems to be happening by chance. Furthermore, this rich cultural heritage is an excellent foundation for developing new initiatives, new routes, and new means of shared fun. The categories where one can turn their attention to are not just a few. You can undertake any type of fully-natural adventures or to sink in the cultural atmosphere of the city. You can choose cultural gastronomy or to enjoy the night life… we can go on with the different options for hours.

We do not need to discuss cultural tourism only through a political prism. Cultural tourism is a part of people’s natural urge to touch pure and authentic culture, to touch a matter full of history, part of which they either are or are just meeting for the first time. When all this is complemented by the opportunity for authentic small natural adventures – this automatically transforms into a pleasant and soul-fulfilling memory. Come and see Plovdiv top offers for your dream adventure.

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The different types of camper: The van

The van is a motor home built on the basis of a light commercial, it retains the original bodywork. The roof can be raised to save space in height. The furnishings are fixed or mobile. Its small size gives it discretion and ease of travel. However, the reduced volume is not ideal for long stays because the small size does not allow to take a lot of reserves and quickly proves unmanageable for passengers.

Sleeping space is 2 to 6 people.

The new purchase price: between 20 000 and 45 000 euros

The advantages of the van: inconspicuous vehicle that blends into traffic, reduced size of the vehicle, versatile modularity budget
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The cons: basic comfort, seating capacity, water reserves and limited gas equipment

Recommended use:

For a couple rather adventurous and not for comfort.

The different types of van:

The van fitted: these are adapted vans perennially motorhome. The layout being done by a professional, ergonomics and finish are optimal. Two solutions are possible: buy a truck and develop or buy a van already developed new or used.

The van which has an added kit: this process is economical and favors versatility. The utility vehicle is used for its original purpose outside of holiday periods. The furnishings are made to measure and is very personal. Buying a used one is more difficult with this type of vehicle.

The van with up roof: it is a van equipped with a lifting roof and thus to accommodate a bed one or two places.

Reaching the Gili Islands is safe and easy thanks to the convenient services of the Patagonia Xpress. Our experienced and certified captain and crew will endeavor to provide a positive experience in terms of customer satisfaction. Patagonia Xpress is built to International safety standards with good stability and complete safety equipment including life jackets, life raft and fire extinguishers. Book online and travel in style and comfort on the Patagonia Xpress!

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The average new models range

The intermediate models are displayed at prices ranging between 40 000 and 50 000 euros.

Range: compact profile (7 meters long)
Model: P700 Aventura DCA
Manufacturer: Pilot
Prices: from 44 750 euros

Number of beds: 3
Number of places stipulated in the registration: 4
Engine: diesel 100 horsepower

Example motorhome average range

Range: Capucine (length 6.69 meters)
Model: 21 Welcome
Manufacturer: Chausson
Prices: from 48 990 euros

Sleeps: 5
Number of places stipulated in the registration: 5
Engine: diesel 130 horsepower

Example camper luxury range

Range: Profile (7.03 meters long)
Model: Eden
Manufacturer: Challenger
Prices: from 58 400 euros

Sleeps: 2
Number of places stipulated in the registration: 4
Engine: diesel 130 horsepower

Example motorhome even more luxurious

Range: long profile (7.31 meters long)
Model: Explorer P720 LCGE
Manufacturer: Pilot
Prices: from 65 000

Number of beds: 3
Number of places stipulated in the registration: 4
Engine: diesel 130 horsepower

From 65 000, motorhomes are high or luxurious range. Prices have limits that the ingenuity of manufacturers and OEMs.
Some models exceed 100 series 000. For special designs, rolling palaces reach over 200 000 euros or even the million!

Range: Integral (8.75 meters long)
Model: Sun Liner 800 LEG
Manufacturer: Knaus
Prices: from 89 990 euros

Sleeps: up to 5 depending on the chosen configuration
Number of places stipulated in the registration: 5
Engine: diesel 157 horsepower

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